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It’s 6.14pm, raining, and the lady driving in front of me hasn’t noticed the lights have changed…

Once again I find myself staring aimlessly out of the window at a billboard above me. It’s an ad for a job search company. A portly man is peering down the barrel of a large cannon. The ad reads “Cannon Safety Inspector. If it exists, you’ll find it on SEEK”.

I consider perhaps a job-search might be a good idea. At least to avoid these peak-hour commutes.

That’s really all that ad needed to accomplish, just to grab and guide my attention for a few seconds.

I think I have always enjoyed ads. I very much like the way an ad can persuade me or make me think of something, regardless of how stoic I claim to be. It was only on my first day of Uni that I really considered advertising properly. I was in my first Psychology lecture and the opening line delivered by my overly zealous lecturer was “Psychology can take you anywhere… just don’t let it take you into advertising”. I am not sure if it was some sort of reverse-psychology (actually I should probably know that!), but from that day I was keen.

My friends are often saying that they “hate ads”; the 15-second obligatory ad for denture gum at the start of a YouTube video just an irritating interruption. Yet these friends are often sending me links to “awesome” or “hilarious” ads. This makes me think that they do not “hate ads” (period) but rather just hate bad ads. That may seem like an obvious statement, which I suppose it is, but there seems to be this uniform consensus of what is a ‘good’ ad and what is not.

The question then remains: what really makes a good ad? Is it something that can really just be measured by how much it sells? Or, is it more important to make something clever?

So I’ll do my best to present you with advertising that I, personally, think is great… Maybe, in doing so, I’ll figure out some sort of formula for what makes a good ad – anything to avoid peak-hour.



By Seek LTD

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